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We would like to thank Karen Dillion for the great
article she wrote about us!  Check it out!

Nov. 20th Laker Weekly
We accept wine and liquor bottles.  We
also take corks, but ask that you put
them in a ziploc bag.  Please drop them
off at our barrel's at 5520 Burnt Chimney
Rd., Wirtz, VA
Chuck Norris says thanks to all our faithful recyclers,
who take the time to put all those bottles in our bins.  
We receive around 600 bottle a week.
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We would like to thank, Rebecca Jackson
for the great article she wrote.  Please
take a look!

Smith Mountain Eagle article Oct 20, 2010
All our uniquely beautiful wine bottle
jewelry is made from some part of a
recycled wine bottle.  Each piece is
tumbled, etched or slumped.  
Our SMASHed Pendants &
Slides are made from any
leftover pieces of wine
bottles.  Incorporating
polished stones, stained
glass, beach glass and
glass nuggets, each
creation is a wearable
work of art.  No two are
This is our NECKed line.  Each
piece is created from slices
of wine bottle neck that are
fire polished to create
beautiful smooth rings.
NEW...Antler Wind Chimes
Got a hunter in your life?  Don't
know what to do with those
antlers, we can make them into
beautiful wind chimes.  A truly
unusual gift!  
Vino Jewelry
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Decorative Bottle Dish (DBD)
Use these cute dishes for dessert,
candy, jewelry, paper clips or anything
you can dream up!  Aprox. 31/2" to 5"
Soap Dish
for those
soaps that need
a little pizazz!  (I
use one by
kitchen sink for
my rings.)

A sparkling
reminder why
we recycle.  
Combines a
slice of a bottle ,
glass beads and
a cork. Use in or
outside.  Aprox.
8" to 10" long.
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